A short film

Litterbugs the Movie is a family short film directed by Peter Stanley-Ward about a young inventor helped by her self-made flying mechanical creatures, who with the help of a pint-sized superhero defeat the town bullies and find an unexpected friendship.

Clermont Short Film Festival, Litterbugs diary day 3


It’s the last day of the market today and everything in the Marche du Film is shutting down. We take a brief stroll around before heading to the other side of the city for L’Atelier; a workshop run by various schools and design studios as a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences in movie making. The tour moved from room to room where classes of teens were able to engage with different techniques such as VR, Stop-Motion and sound design. It was a really inspiring exercise and a great example of how encouraging everybody associated with the festival is, especially for young people. This has definitely got our brains ticking and we’re looking forward to bringing some ideas back to the Treehouse, so that we can offer something similar to kids in our local area.

There are many of these exhibitions and presentations dotted throughout the city but unfortunately we are running out of time to visit them all. 


After a quick bite of lunch we dash to another kids program, of animations and live-action shorts, back at La Jetée. Yet again, it was a really high attendance, with a mix of all different ages, gender etc – including a man next to us who brought along a bread roll wrapped in a chequered napkin and a Rubik’s cube!

The reception in the cinema was really supportive of all the films and this has definitely been our experience of the whole festival. It has been such a great experience to be amongst so many different audiences and to have an insight into what stories are being told around the world. Some stories are simple, charming and beautiful, others are more complex or driven by a political message, but behind every one there is clearly passion - and at Clermont-Ferrand there are huge numbers of people eager to listen.