A short film

Litterbugs the Movie is a family short film directed by Peter Stanley-Ward about a young inventor helped by her self-made flying mechanical creatures, who with the help of a pint-sized superhero defeat the town bullies and find an unexpected friendship.

Clermont Short Film Festival, Litterbugs diary day 4


Our final day is a relaxed one. After coffee and croissant we head to the Petit Velo for the final screening of Litterbugs. It’s another great turn out and there’s a really happy atmosphere – it’s the weekend! The audience is a real mix of kids and adults and it’s so interesting to see the reactions from the different ages. Captain Stanley appears to be charming and comical regardless of your age or nationality!

In the afternoon we go to see the final program of the children’s section of the festival. This is aimed for children aged 11 years and up, and there is a marked difference in the content. This program is much darker, with more intense, seriously themed stories. The ratio of live-action to animation is also different for this age bracket, whereas previously it has been mostly animation; this program is more 50:50. Oh and it’s great to see the Arts University Bournemouth in the credits for To Build A Fire.  

As the festival draws to a close there are three different closing ceremonies. The first of the three sees all of the awards being presented and at the second and third there is a chance to see the winning films – or at least this is what we believe happens – unfortunately we were too late in requesting tickets and aren’t able to attend. 

This did mean, however, that we have plenty of time to get to the closing party at the Electric Palace. This is a really fun evening with live music, DJs and lots of vin rouge!

We’re on the train home now and on reflection, it’s been an honour to be a part of such a well-organised, well-loved short film festival. We will never forget the dedicated audiences and the way a festival brings so many voices, and people, from around the world together. We feel incredibly inspired by the content we’ve seen and look forward to an opportunity to return to Clermont again soon.